13 Wyoming Color Postcards 5 linen used + new 1 1908

Wyoming Postcards

Realized $1.99 2/28/10 Bonanzle

Milk Glass Hobnail Pattern 10″ lamp shade

Hobnail Shade 3

Hobnail Shade 1

Hobnail Shade 2

Realized $12.72 3/7/10

Blue White Wildflower Stoneware Rolling Pin

Rolling Pin Wildflowers

Rolling Pin Wildflowers 2

Realized $127.51 3/7/10

Vintage Agricultural Chemicals Thermometer Treflan Balan Elanco

Treflan Thermometer back

Treflan Thermometer front

Realized $22.72 3/7/10

Bradley Hubbard Nickel Plate Center Draft Oil Lamp

B&H Lamp 1

B&H Lamp 2

B&H Lamp 3

Realized $88.39 3/7/10

Franklin Mint BMW Z8 Roadster Diecast Car 1/24

BMW Z8 1

BMW Z8 2

BMW Z8 3

BMW Z8 4

BMW Z8 5

Realized $24.99 3/7/10

Ertl International Cub Tractor 1991 Special Edition 1/16

Cub Tractor 1

Cub Tractor 2

Realized $19.98 3/27/10

Lutheran Church Hamburg Minnesota Souvenir China Dish

Hamburg Church Plate 2

Hamburg Church Plate 1

Realized $19.31 3/7/10

Thingery – My Word

I coined “Thingery” a long time ago and offered this entry at Wikipedia, which stuck:

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A Thingery is a type of business which turns stuff into Things through a process which is much like spinning straw into gold, mainly marketing their wares online.

Thingeries are entrepreneurial, independent and usually eco-responsible.

They are consumer-focused, often offering a variety of Things which at first glance seem unassociated with each other, but that is exactly their attraction. They are consumer-driven and consumers actually prefer a chaotic ever-changing collection of things when browsing on the Internet.

Tonight I wondered how my word was doing so I Googled it and found this scholarly discussion:

Scholarly Discussion of Thingery

Nintendo Power Magazine vol 50 Links Awakening

Nintendo Power 50

Realized $2.99 2/27/10