Empty CD Longbox Trixter / self titled 1990 used shrink

Realized $2.83 3/30/10

Empty CD Longbox Trixter / self titled 1990

Realized $2.83 3/30/10

Empty CD longbox Drivin N Cryin / Fly Me Courageous

Realized $2.83 3/30/10

Rebalancing eBay: Uber Retail & Personality

eBay has been rebalanced (again) to support the biggest sellers with the least personality.

That’s not me.

For the disinterested: with the new “lowest fees ever” a listing to my store costs twenty cents this morning where it was three cents last night. That’s because I didn’t upgrade my store subscription. I’m not even sure I HAVE a store, I have to check.

The whole thing favors the sellers to pay a couple hundred dollars a month to play and then can list eleven billion dollars’ worth of Chinese crap that just landed here tomorrow, frankly.

That’s not me again. Unfortunately, I HAPPEN to really make my money presenting antiques, and while they don’t appear to have completely goofed that up yet there really is no alternative.

I THINK I know how to adjust to the adjustments. I’ve spent a couple of rather solitary months getting my “other” ID (no store at all) ready, updating my Amazon store, filling up the Bonanzle store and creating and now stocking the Thingery store (ongoing, see Thingery Store ).

Most of this is with some regret. Shouldn’t be, I suppose. It’s been a fun interesting ride and I might be correct with my preparations. It won’t take long to find out.

USB Computer Accessory: Mug Warmer NIB

Realized $5.95 8/21/10

USB Computer Vacuum NIB

Computer Vacuum

Realized $4.95 5/15/10

Spluttering About Socialism

I was just watching some people of my age and background spluttering about how the country is turning to “socialism” or even “communism” and of course we have therefor gone all to Hell.

We need to make some assumptions.

Let’s assume “socialism” is an economic system.

Let’s assume “communism” is not about living in communes.

You know, it’s funny. Since I happen to actually KNOW these random splutterers, they happen to be those guys from whom it took 40 years for us to hear. I think their new voices are what’s fueling the small number of defeated politicians who are claiming their constituencies are outraged.

While these right-wingers were ruining the country for decades they were quite ungracious to those of us who once espoused what we’ve now pulled off. Not only were we unpatriotic, we were “communists”.

And often we were killed, jailed, driven from the country, otherwise ruined, whatever.

Well, assuming the New Outraged are mostly talking about the health care reform the US just passed, and wondering how they get from Point A to their present day arguments which seem to be yearning for 1968 again, I think I’d like to point out something:

Two-thirds of us mandated the changes you are now seeing in the last Presidential election. If your “capitalism” is what spawned the outrageous behavior of the still-unpunished corporate thieves who sank our economy recently, then, yes, let us move to another system.

I think the original argument, however, was about making so many of us stand outside of Doctor’s Headquarters, wondering how in the world to get in there.

2010 Cannabis Therapeutics Conference Preview, with Al & Mary Lynn

And Now For Everything Completely Different

That was a brutal winter. Maybe you noticed. I’ve been out of circulation for a few weeks. Maybe you noticed that too. I was working on some things, not the least of which were:

New features around here:

This blog. It’s about five months old now so that isn’t such big news but it’s all nice and spam-protected now and slightly reorganized. There are a few things in it which are Things for sale. For the most part those will be moving to the new catalog, but special offers may continue to pop up within the blog from time to time.

Redesigned site pages. That generally includes new Google analytics so I can tell what’s getting visited and do more of that. I’ve found it necessary to admit many times that I know I’m not much of a site designer but I think it’s easier to get around now.

Thingery Shopping is now improved. The new catalog, powered by Zen Cart is not completely loaded yet but it’s launched and will continue to grow. Initial emphasis there is to archive all the Rainy Day Music stuff , much like the old catalog, but Zen Cart ALSO integrates with a new set of suppliers which we’re introducing and we expect to offer some fun deals for our shoppers when all that’s complete. Watch for discount codes (smile).

Amazon: We’ve expanded our selection a little and are enjoying some CD sales there. We think we’re starting to “get it”.

Now, for the Elephant. eBay is changing a few things. So am I. Thingie Boy (my other ID, “thingsbysaintsteven”) is warming up in the bullpen. We enjoy two kinds of sales at eBay: The Priceless Antiques and the generally shoddy commercial stuff. There is nothing broken in the Priceless Antiques department (ok, I’m lying, I broke a couple of glass lampshades last year), and we are making no changes to those auctions BUT

You’ll notice some other slick doo-dads and gimcracks sneaking into the mix. We’ve committed to a year’s trial of catalog selling from somebody else’s book, in this case an eBay approved third party drop shipping service.

Yeah, I hear a couple of guys reeling out some of their canned soundbyte smart cracks. It might even be a little hard for me to explain for a little while how my individualistic style is going to work within the basically sterile confines of Clever Gadget World, drop shipping crap directly to your door almost before you realize you really didn’t need one of those Whatevers.

I think I can make a case for applying my kind of imprint on “that” kind of retailing.

I’ll probably need a little time to settle in, but I intend to excel in the field, so please bear with me while I try to spin all of these new developments into a lifestyle thing, an honest demonstration of how you can build a functioning store out of what still remains just zeros and ones, no matter how anybody’s browser portrays it.