Military Challenge Coin US Army Rank Sergeant Major

US Army Sergeant Major Challenge Coin 1

US Army Sergeant Major Challenge Coin 2

Realized $2.98 8/3/9
Realized $3.25 6/22/9
Realized $3.99 5/9/9
Realized $4.24 4/29/9
Realized $3.99 3/11/9
Realized $3.96 2/14/9
Realized $3.99 11/29/8
Realized $3.97 11/12/8
Realized $4.99 8/27/7
Realized $3.20 7/30/7

Vintage Sterling Onyx Diamond “R” Signet Ring

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Signet Ring 4

Realized $19.99 2/11/11

This eBay Powerseller’s April 2010 Invoice

another thunk

It looks like my eBay invoice for April (after The Venue trotted out the “lowest listing fees ever” but forgot to mention the numerous increases) is going to be around $221.84, depending upon how many Things I close today yet (a Friday, not known for big sales).

I know you’ve all been wondering.

That’s a little off, but business is a little off. For a long time I’ve lived in the $300-350 range.

Had I not lopped off nearly 50% of what I was running it would have been a lot higher. Store operators now pay listing fees of around 600% of previous prices if they don’t upgrade their store subscription (pay more on the way in), and I didn’t upgrade.

I moved to two sites with no listing fees, and my own site with no listing fees OR sales commission fees. The two sites were Amazon and Bonanzle, and they’re both capable of generating some traffic (no question about that at Amazon and Bonanzle’s membership is now ten times what it was when I joined a year ago).

Frankly, I’m most interested in what happens at my own site. Ten years ago (or more accurately 11), when I started to move to the Internet from my storefront, there really wasn’t much practical hope of building a site of my own that would get found and do business. Among many other things, I was lacking the savvy-I had to do my apprenticeship.

These days there’s really no reason a seller has to find the big platforms to present however. My brand new cart is drawing traffic while I’m still tweaking the adjustments and haven’t done any marketing (or purchased any adwords).

It’s conducting sales.

The technique is a little different, you have to think about the process a little more, but I’ve got plenty of analytics about the Things people were looking for when they landed here and the moves they made next and if there were ever a time that you could “do more of what’s working”, it’s now.

Internet marketing is STILL in its infancy, even if the big guys are totally ingrained. Serious independents like myself haven’t had our day yet, and AFTER THAT comes the phase where every single household online realizes their garage sales and classified ads and so forth can be on their own personal pages AND get found.

The more I hurtle into The Future, the more I like it.

Dunlop White Zombie promo guitar pick Astrocreep: 2000 printed two sides (1995)

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Realized $3.99 6/28/10
Realized $3.99 11/20/10
Realized $2.98 12/25/10
Realized $3.64 (x2) 12/31/7
Realized $3.84 12/10/6

Summer seller update: More efficient listing, new seller standard, and more

Summer seller update: More efficient listing, new seller standard, and more

Dear saint*steven:

As a valued seller, you play a key role in keeping eBay a thriving marketplace. We’re making updates this summer and fall to help increase your profitability by helping you sell more efficiently and increase buyer satisfaction. As promised, we’re continuing to consolidate changes that impact you into two or three releases per year with lead time to adapt. This is the second release for 2010.

More detailed values for item condition

Clarity around item condition goes a long way to reducing buyer questions, low DSRs, and Buyer Protection cases. To make it easier to clearly specify condition, a more descriptive set of values is being introduced in many categories.

What this means for you: Specifying one of the new item conditions will be required in some categories in new listings, revised listings, and sell similar starting July 27, 2010, and in Good ‘Til Cancelled renewals in 2011. Find out when the new condition values will be available in your categories and whether or not they will be required.

New seller standard: Buyer Protection cases counted along with low DSRs. You’re on the right track!

Opening a case with the eBay or PayPal Buyer Protection program is a clear indication of buyer dissatisfaction, especially when the buyer tries and is unable to resolve an issue directly with the seller. That’s why, starting in September, “item not received” and “item not as described” cases will be considered along with low DSRs to evaluate and reward seller performance.

The good news for you: Congratulations! You’re right on track to meet this requirement. You can monitor your status toward this new requirement–and track any cases–on your Seller Dashboard.

Faster ways to edit listings

To help you stay on top in an increasingly dynamic marketplace, we’re introducing new functionality and tools to make it faster and easier to edit, list, and relist multiple items–up to 5,000 listings at once–plus bulk edit multi-variation listings and listings in eBay Motors Parts & Accessories with parts compatibility information.

Other updates include:

  • Changes to Payment and Leave Feedback email reminders

  • Anonymous email addresses to keep member-to-member communications secure. If you have your own customer relationship management system to manage contacts with your customers, we suggest you run a test in advance of the new member-to-member communication enhancements. Find out how.

  • New rewards for sharing your pictures to enhance the eBay catalog

  • Featured First discontinued to surface the most relevant listings from sellers offering the best value and service

  • Category and Item Specific changes included with other updates

Get details on all the 2010 summer seller updates. For more insight, you’re also invited to:

  • Take part in the upcoming webinar on Thursday, April 29

  • Join me and other leaders from eBay and PayPal in a Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, April 28. Check the Announcement Board for more details coming soon

  • Talk with members of my staff during the next two days on a special discussion board we’ve set up for this purpose.

As always, thank you for partnering to make eBay a thriving, successful marketplace.


Dinesh Lathi
Vice President
Seller and Buyer Experience