B&H Bradley Hubbard Brass Hanging Library Oil Lamp

Beautiful Bradley & Hubbard B&H brass hanging library oil lamp which has been electrified but can be easily converted back to kerosene, no holes were drilled in the font. This center draft lamp is in excellent condition, all brass has been polished. Comes with 144″ opal glass shade with brass crown and a B&H motor for raising and lowering the lamp from the ceiling, motor works fine, chain connected to ornate brass levelor, with brass smoke bell. No chimney included, use as an electric hanging lamp or convert to oil, would need a wick, wick raiser and flame spreader. Excellent lamp! Measures 36″ from top of motor to the bottom finial.

Realized $214.06 10/17/10

Antique Miniature Oil Lamp Nutmeg Burner Smith II 176

Pictured in Smith’s “Miniature Lamps II” book, figure 176, this lamp has a brass collar which has some splits but is tight on the the lamp. This clear glass stem lamp has no cracks or chips, comes with a good nutmeg burner, 5 1/2″ to top of collar.

Realized $11.40 10/17/10

Antique Miniature Oil Lamp Nutmeg Burner Smith #103

Pictured in Smith’s “Miniature Lamps” book, figure 103, a clear glass stem lamp with square base, ribbed design. Comes with a good Nutmeg burner, good condition except a chip on the first ring below the font, as shown in photo. Measures about 5″ tall to top of collar.

Realized $18.01 10/17/10

Frank Whiting Sterling Silver / Glass Toothpick Holder

Lovely glass toothpick holder with sterling silver trim on the top and bottom. Top trim has floral decoration and is marked “Frank M. Whiting & Co. Sterling R of S Pat. Pending”. Needs a little polishing, tiny ding on the bottom, 2 7/8″ high, 2 3/8″ diameter.

Realized $8.98 10/30/10

James Avery Sterling Twisted Wire Hook-On Bracelet

Genuine signed James Avery sterling silver twisted wire bracelet with a hook-on clasp. Marked “Avery Star” on the clasp, excellent used condition, measures 2 1/2″ x 2″ and weighs 9.3 grams.

$444.99 10/17/10

Antique Yellow & Rose Gold Pocket Watch Fob Chain

Yellow And Rose Gold Chain 1

Yellow And Rose Gold Chain 2

Wonderful antique pocket watch fob with chain in excellent used condition. The swivel clasp is marked “Bates & Bacon 1/10”, and the back of the clip is marked “Pat’d Sept 22, 03”. The fob consists of 7 rows of alternating rose gold and yellow gold chain with a seal pendant at the bottom. The fob is 5″ long, 3/4″ wide and the watch chain 6″ long. Probably gold filled, real nice antique watch fob with chain.

Realized $24.99 10/19/10

2 Caterpillar Cat Watch Fobs Kearns S.D. Gibbs-Cook Iowa

Selling two vintage Caterpillar Cat watch fobs. First is a Caterpillar fob in need of polishing, has been used. The back reads “Gibbs-Cook Equip. Co. Des Moines-Mason City Iowa” and is made by Metal Arts Co., Rock, N.Y. The second fob is a Cat D7E track-type tractor, the back reads “Kearns Machinery Co. in South Dakota”. This fob has a like new leather strap. Nice collectible fobs.

Realized $9.96 12/18/10

Oldest eBay Store Listing retired when store closed

, and thank you for checking out this Thing.

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Blasto comes from a fungus that hides in “earth”, or “dirt”, and decaying wood, which is “everywhere”, unless you live in a climate where rotting isn’t commonplace, like inside of a pyramid. Incidence of this condition throughout the population likely to live near rotting stuff like that is estimated to be one person out of every hundred thousand. So I was thinking, if there are sixty million registered eBay users, there must be around 599 of you Other Sufferers out there.

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Shipping And Fiddling:
Unless you want overnight delivery, there are no shipping fees for this item. That’s because it’s delivered electronically. The Post Office hates that. I don’t care. They’re doing ok without the revenue on this one by tricking everyone in America into using Priority Mail all the time when they really don’t have to.

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