1950 Schaller Rocket High School Yearbook

Schaller Rocket 1950 1

Schaller Rocket 1950 2

Realized $15.50 10/6/10

Megadeth Promo Sticker: Cryptic Writings 1997

Megadeth Promo Sticker: Cryptic Writings 1997 Megadeth Cryptic Writings Sticker [] – $2.99 : Thingery Shopping, PayPal Spoken Here

Realized $1.99 4/19/9

LP Charley Pride / Roll On Mississippi 1981


Realized $3.99 1/9/11

Charlie Pride / Roll On Mississippi LP

eBay Tax Bookkeeping App Outright

One of the third-party apps eBay offers sellers, Outright, from Outright.com, is turning out to be really handy for me, the Crummy Bookkeeper.

It’s free, and focuses on the income/expense type bookkeeper US sole proprietors need to do.

The nice thing about it is that it imports sales data directly from eBay so there’s half the problem out of the way.

The bad thing about it is that it imports sales data directly from eBay (in case somebody wanted to hide it), but that can be edited and anyway, it won’t be too long before Internet merchants can’t even hide their used socks.

So I’m busily immersed in plugging data into Outright, sorry for the general silence throughout the site, shouldn’t last long.

Personal Angst Over Old Everything

For my entire Internet career I have specialized in accomplishing Anything With Virtually Nothing: I started without a computer, for example.

Right about the time I moved “home” to do all this, the junk I had managed to buy from the shifty store around the corner died and my son “lent” me the Imac I’ve used ever since.

My now-ancient software isn’t supported anywhere and I can’t upgrade anything because it’s all written for an Operating System I can’t install.

On or about January 2, I can’t use the online postage service I’ve come to consider essential, and I’ve already proved to myself I can’t upgrade to the new Endicia software. Thank goodness I actually backed something up this time so I can at least spend the day getting my old data out of the old version but my car is just about to get real important if I’d like to maintain some decent service levels.

Therein lies the problem. The van is running ok, but I’ve just discovered it’s on a self-fulfilling prophesy to ruin its bearings and there’s already mostly nothing I can do about that.

So once again-the quandary: car/computer, computer/car, and either decision comes ahead of all the neat stuff I THOUGHT I was going to do……