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Why Furthur Is Just All Right With Me

In 1995 my favorite band The Grateful Dead ended with the death of founding father Jerry Garcia, encapsulating an experience which for me had begun in 1970.

Yeah, I was disappointed but in the same year the dog died the wife left the job exploded I had to quit drinking the Financial Reckoning came, it was a mess.

Could have been a good country song.

Eventually I got over most of that, but the missing Dead part was frustrating. I saw the individual members’ bands, I listened to some of the archival stuff, Al Gore helpfully provided the Internet so I could bond globally with other Deadheads, which helped a little.

We have a big archive you know.

I am generally delighted to declare that 2009 pretty much sucked but a spectacular thing happened this Fall: The Grateful Dead morphed into Furthur and now it’s winter and they’re touring.

Bob and Phil of the Dead (being careful not to say The Dead, yet another incarnation) are the nucleus and after all this time it looks like they solved The Jerry Problem by drafting a guy who has been playing Jerry for a long time.

I am going to have to wait for my first live show I suppose, but so far I’m real ok with the Jerry Tribute Turned Actually Jerry concept. I haven’t heard JK try to out-and-out duplicate any particular trademarked licks but he gets the spirit, jams well with others and sings well enough.

I guess I should hope he doesn’t do Jerry Completely Stoned And Astonished By The Crowd and it would probably be too much to ask anyone to forget words in any particular order….

I probably saw more Dead icons than heard sounds when I first encountered the band and the skulls skulls skulls did not prepare me for Squeaky Jerry and the first time I saw him stand motionless through some twenty-minute psychedelic masterpiece left me very impressed……

Because of modern miracles we can listen to Furthur only hours after they’ve played and I for one have greedily devoured every minute. Yes, there are some missed moments, a certain tentativeness, but these guys haven’t even been “on the road” a month yet, let ’em gel.

They’re reaching across the catalog and doing an amazing job. Bob and Phil have obviously missed this stuff.

And make the stickers, man, make the stickers, I’m primed.

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