Carlson Machine Co Sioux City Iowa playing cards

this is sort of a note-to-self, sales data’s lost, image is lost

Advertising playing cards, bridge size, produced for Carlson Machine Company, Sioux City.

Opened, but possibly not used. No bent cards, whole deck is there. This deck is from an estate sale. The Hundred Dollar Bill I found inside the package has been spent.

Brick Town BT1000 building set


Realized $146.50 1/18/04

Elgo American Skyline Set #93 Can

american skyline

W-3 Regular window section Lg 29/30
W-2 Regular window section Med 30/30
W-1 Regular window section Small 28/30

SW-3 Shop window LG 3/3
SW-2 Shop window Med 3/3
SW-1 Shop window Small 3/3

D-3 Door section LG 3/3
D-2 Door section Med 3/3
D-1 Door section Small 3/3

R-3 Rail wall section LG 18/18
R-2 Rail wall section Med 17/18
R-1 Rail wall section Small 14/18

B-3 Base block Lg 2/3
B-2 Base block Med 8/9
B-1 Base block Small 6/6

S-3 Step block Lg 3/3
S-2 Step block Med 9/9
S-1 Step block Small 6/6

M Mast 1/1
FP Flagpole 0/1

C-1 Column block 310/324
C-2 Cap block 35/36
C-3 Column cap 8/12

various flooring and roofing material, some shaped




Sales data for this Thing has been lost.

Turnip shaped brass plumb bob with steel tip

plumb bob

Plumb bob sold for something in the range of $52.00 around 10/22/03.  At the time, it hadn’t occurred to me to keep track of these things.


iron maiden sword pinback

Realized $? 10/15/01

Antique Arcade Cast Metal Mack Truck 8 1/4″

Cast Iron Mack Truck 1

Cast Iron Mack Truck 2

Cast Iron Mack Truck 3

Cast Iron Mack Truck 4

Cast Iron Mack Truck 5

Cast Iron Mack Truck 6

Old cast non-ferrous metal toy truck, believe it is a Mack, inside is stamped “Made by Arcade Mgg. Co.”, one side is marked S1 and the other 1S.  No cracks or breaks, chips and rubs to the black paint, measures 8 1/4″ long, 4″ tall and 3″ wide.  The driver is missing but can be replaced.

Realized $87.99 11/15/9