Green Kodak No. 1A Pocket Junior Folding Camera





Realized $29.99 11/17/05

M&M’s Baseball Candy Dispenser big orange plastc M dude

M&Ms Candy Dispenser

Realized $8.75 11/14/5

Aladdin White Venetian Kerosene Lamp #100

Aladdin White Venetian Kerosene Lamp #100

Aladdin Venetian Wick Wheel

Aladdin Venetian Top

Realized $83.90 11/13/05

Zippo Lighter: Beatles Nowhere Man

Realized $35.00 11/13/05

Deftones Around The Fur 12″ flat mini poster

Realized $3.98 11/2/5

Rare Gustavsberg Argenta Fish Vase

Realized $127.50 10/31/5

Madonna Limited Edition Sex book with CD & comix

Realized $43.00 10/19/5

Redman Tobacco Booklet 1887-1987 Pinkerton Tobacco

Realized $11.99 ppd 9/25/5

Booklet, about 7 1/2″ x 10″, 11 pages, published by Pinkerton Tobacco, 1987, to commemorate 100 years “of good taste”, with lavish color illustrations of early brands and products, and history of the company, focused on Redman Chewing Tobacco.

I’ve got no idea how widely these were distributed; this one was sent to my company which distributed tobacco products, one of Pinkerton’s customers. It may have been no more widely produced than to mail to the industry in that fashion.

Stored upon receipt, no notable wear, pristine condition.