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Notes From Saturday In The Park, Sioux City, 7/5/14

I’m a senior citizen:
I never think to ask, but I got a discount for the shuttle bus from the Tyson event center to the venue because I’m a senior citizen. The woman who took my money said she just had a sense for that sort of thing.

Tobacco is getting really hard to smoke:
Anywhere, even outdoors. I was caught five minutes after arrival. Thanks to the guys manning the Coke truck for letting me smoke there.

You can’t be a 60 year old hippie unless you are a 60 year old hippie:
Over time, the ranks have thinned at events like this. There were guys older than me, guys who might have been hippier than me, but not many. We now nod knowingly to each other without introductions.

People really like my Gypsy Rose dashiki:
As in previous years, numerous strangers liked my shirt. I didn’t see another one. These are still readily available from Gypsy Rose. They’re the only way to go on sweltering days.

Rainy Day Music made a lasting impression:
It might have been only one guy, but he went out of his way to say he loved Rainy Day when it operated. There were three of us veterans of that era in our group.

Boss Hog Beef Brisket is really good:
If you’re in Sioux City, go there, get that.

Grateful Dead are fading:
I only saw three Dead t-shirts at the event. There was nobody associated with them performing, but that’s still a really low number.

Bottled water is difficult math:
I don’t buy water. I know where to get it for nothing. But not at sweltering events where everything is controlled. I bought a 20 ounce bottle for three dollars and a 24 ounce bottle for two dollars. I am still baffled by that math.


Wild Feathers:
Just guitars, harmonies, and good writing. These guys are going places. Buy the album. Available on LP.

Ziggy Marley:
Longest hair in the business, dreads well past his knees. Great sound, flawless delivery, oddly the crowd behaved, probably because it wasn’t dark yet.

Bonnie Raitt:
Wonderfully humble (“I used to think I was really hot until right now”), don’t buy the records, catch her live. The most telling thing about Bonnie’s stunning performance was that her soundboard was analog-the other bands’ were digital. Yes, she did do Angel From Montgomery.

Avett Brothers:
High energy lunatics. All over the place, but weirdly most effective when they did a gospel number. These guys can’t possibly keep it up for thirty years and it’s difficult to understand how the fiddle player and the cello player keep strings on their instruments. At one point the guy running the lights lit the trees beside the stage. Lots of fog.