Vintage Imperial Lustre Rose White Carnival Glass Footed Bowl

Indiana Red Carnival Glass Swung Vase Heirloom Hob Star Pattern 11.5″

Realized $14.98 3/19/17

Vintage Fenton Holly 9″ Marigold Carnival Glass Bowl

Carnival Glass Bowl 1

Carnival Glass Bowl 2

Carnival Glass Bowl 3

Carnival Glass Bowl 4

Carnival Glass Bowl 5

Carnival Glass Bowl 6

Carnival Glass Bowl 7

Realized $17.00 2/22/15

Glass is becoming one of our bigger words around here

The tag cloud at the lower right part of this blog is important to me; it helps me define what the hell I think I’m doing, especially when pressed for keywords someplace.

For those not familiar with the idea, the more times I use a “post tag” or “search tag” (same thing), or if anyone else every posted here and used one, that tag grows larger in the cloud. There’s a fallacy involved; the Sold tag should be about 18 times larger than the For Sale, so there’s an upward limit: tags can only get so big.

“Glass” can mean “oil lamp” or it can mean “ashtray” or it can mean “vase” or “art glass” or any number of other things.

It’s a new tag for me; I didn’t use it for eleven years. One day not too long I realized that in addition to the way I think of Things, they’re made out of something, like glass, stoneware, paper, leather, etc., so I started to tag the glass. It’s interesting to run through almost 3000 posts doing that and I’m not done yet but right away it got obvious that glass is one of our big deals.

I point that out because I am trying to monetize my reputation. It IS monetized at eBay but I’m trying to bring that over here.

I’ll probably have to mull at that for a while-but I think there’s a key in there someplace: if we sell a lot of priceless old glass (which is no longer priceless when it leaves here) and have a long list of happy customers, that pretty much tells you everything you need to know about our shipping procedures without me ever making any claims about it.

The Growing Glass Tag

Westmoreland Amethyst Scales Carnival Glass Plate 6 1/4″

Realized $12.99 11/23/11

Fenton Butterfly & Berry White Carnival Glass Bowl

Realized $49.05 5/23/11

Dugan Amethyst Grape Delight Carnival Glass Rose Bowl

Realized $44.99 4/13/11

Vintage Fenton Electric Blue Carnival Orange Tree Mug

Realized $27.99 4/26/11

Imperial Pansy Quilted Diamond Carnival Glass Nappy Aqua

Realized $38.77 11/7/10

Vintage Fenton Marigold Blackberry Open Edge Basket

Realized $19.93 11/28/9
Realized $35.00 9/30/9 deadbeat bidder