Original Aladdin Kerosene Oil Lamp Lox-On 3 Line Chimney, Original Box

Realized $24.99 3/13/17

Antique MACBETH No. 18 Pearl Glass 12″ Kerosene Oil Lamp Chimney 2 9/16″ Fitter

Macbeth Chimney 1

Macbeth Chimney 2

Macbeth Chimney 3

Realized $45.00 11/3/13

Antique Torch & Wreath Pattern Big Bulge Kerosene Oil Lamp Chimney

Realized $10.99 10/21/12

Original Aladdin 3 Line Improved Old Style Heelless Oil Lamp Chimney Model 1-11

Realized $18.97 11/13/12

Scovill Queen Anne No. 1 Oil Lamp Burner Fort Dodge Gro. Chimney

Realized $22.38 3/4/12

Antique Crescent No. 2 Rochester B&H Oil Lamp Chimney

Realized $22.99 10/13/11

Antique Beaded Edge Finger Oil Lamp And Chimney

Realized $29.00 10/24/10

Original Aladdin Lox-On Three Line Logo Lamp Chimney

Lox-On Chimney 1

Lox-On Chimney 2

Lox-On Chimney 3

Realized $22.50 7/11/10

Antique Crimped Top Flange Base Oil Lamp Chimney

Very early kerosene or oil lamp chimney, hand blown glass has striations in the glass. Hand crimped top and flange base, good condition with no damage, measures 8″ tall, bottom outside diameter 2 5/8″. Rare, hard to find flange base chimney.

Realized $27.99 6/27/10

Wiener Flachbrenner Vienna Oil Lamp Burner, Chimney

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European style Vienna oil lamp burner and chimney. Wick wheel marked Wiener Flachbrenner, 13/16″ threads, requires 5/8″ wick, burner is solid brass and is in good condition. The chimney is 9″ tall, 1 5/8″ bottom diameter, 1 1/8″ top diameter, has 1 1/4″ long flaw at top. Rare, hard-to-find burner with fitting chimney!

Realized $30.50 3/28/10