Vintage Art Deco Gold Filled 15.5″ Pocket Watch Chain Fob

AD GF 15.5 Chain 1

AD GF 15.5 Chain 2

Realized $19.99 8/27/17

Vintage Art Deco Style Gold Filled 14″ Pocket Watch Chain Fob

Realized $33.00 4/9/17
Realized $56.00 3/12/17 returned

Antique Victorian Yellow 12K Gold Filled Mesh Pocket & Watch Chain Necklace 18.1 grams

Mesh Necklace 2

Mesh Necklace 3

Realized $18.00 4/4/15

Victorian Ladies GF Watch Chain w/Opal Slide 50″

Realized $62.00 11/28/10

16S Alpina Gold Filled Hunter Case Pocket Watch

Alpina Watch 1

Alpina Watch 2

Alpina Watch 3

Alpina Watch 4

Selling a nice antique 16 size Alpina gold filled hunter case pocket watch with lovely gold hands and excellent tan dial. Inside back covers reads “Alpina Gurantie 10 Jahre” (Guaranteed 10 Years) and case no. 345037. Movement is marked Alpina & #1720. Watch is running strong and keeping accurate time laying on my desk but you may want to have it professionally cleaned and lubed. Case measures 52mm. diameter and 12mm thick, nice early GF hunter pocket watch.

Realized $78.98 11/27/10

Antique Gold GF Vest Pocket Watch Chain, Seal Fob

Chain with seal 1

Chain with seal 2

chain with seal 3

Realized $42.00 8/15/10

Antique Gold Filled Hunter Pocket Watch Case

Hunter Watch Case 1

Hunter Watch Case 2

Hunter Watch Case 3

Hunter Watch Case 4

Hunter Watch Case 5

Realized $38.99 8/1/10