Weedeater / Weedeater 1995 sealed CD (Iowa)

Weedeater / Weedeater 1995 sealed CD (Iowa) – $12.99 : Thingery Shopping, PayPal Spoken Here

Here’s what you’ll find about this band anywhere on the Internet, who would I be to alter the text (but I did clean up the typos and misspellings):

A stoner metal band formed in the early 90s in Clear Lake, Iowa consisting of Doug Jones, Jeff Jones and Mark Huddleston. In 1995 they released a self titled album on Pearl Records out of Kansas City. The record was produced by Marvin Jackson, Montel Jones & Weedeater. Assistant Engineering done by Marc Wilson. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.

Cowboy Bar
Killing 4 Jesus
Six Day Crash
Going Back
Letter To You
Test Rat

Pearl Records, PEA 1002

Cobblestone Ballroom ashtray

this is from my personal collection, not-for-sale

Cobblestone Ashtray 1

Cobblestone Ashtray 2

Souvenir China Dish Old High School Coggon Iowa IA

Realized $21.29 7/10/11


This is me in college. I’m just doing a little housecleaning and don’t know where to put it.

John Prine Iris Dement SUX 6/15/11

Tom and I attended John Prine’s performance at The Orpheum, Sioux City, Iowa, last night. Iris Dement shared much of the night, opening with about ten tunes solo on the piano and at various times with Prine, including the encore.

I came away with two immediate thoughts: Prine somehow reminded me of George Gobel, and I really should have caught on by now that Dement is and has been a resident of Iowa for some time now.

I’ve never been to a show at that venue, and maybe it’s customary there, but I thought the crowd was a little tame. Judging by the kind of surprised laughter much of his funny stuff evoked, I’m guessing there were a number of attendees who were not necessarily his “devout”.

That first album was 40 years ago; maybe his “devout” aren’t that mobile anymore (shudder).

I had a wonderful time, it’s a great venue, the sound was adequate (I would have tolerated louder), and all the performers turned in a solid night, albeit without “Illegal Smile”, or something maybe from Common Sense, and without the audience bursting into much sing-along, but I had several transcendental moments, notably during Angel From Montgomery, a song that has always “gotten me”, during which Jason Wilber’s guitar playing was positively sublime, throwing me into a brief Nils Lofgren moment from years ago……

Sioux City (known locally as SUX) is trying to cope with flooding and it’s hard to say for me whether that somehow impacted attendance, but the show wasn’t sold out, and that’s kind of surprising. Prine thanked the audience a couple of times for coming out on a Wednesday night and I wonder if that isn’t a nice way of saying gee, I notice there are rows of empty seats in the back…..

and maybe that has something to do with the part where tickets are sixty dollars. I wouldn’t begrudge the economics of that, but I also wouldn’t have been sitting in the seat if Tom hadn’t bankrolled the operation, so I need to express special appreciation for that.

It was a beautiful night for a drive, even through a couple of wrong Sioux City neighborhoods on the way out, and another successful event for the Rainy Day Music team of the 21st century.

1950s Oliver Tractor Dealer Pencil Sievers Newell Iowa

Realized $25.00 5/22/11

Tornado destroys dozen or more blocks in small Iowa town, leaving people without homes, power – The Washington Post

Tornado destroys dozen or more blocks in small Iowa town, leaving people without homes, power – The Washington Post.

Sterling Souvenir Spoon Fonda Iowa High School 20 grams

Realized $24.99 3/27/11

Shoot video of animal abuse? Face 10 years in prison

Shoot video of animal abuse? Face 10 years in prison.

This little item popped up on the noon news here in close proximity to a little story about a couple of almost-20-somethings getting a couple of years’ worth of probation for breaking and entering a business, and our big local buzz about kids calling bomb threats into the local schools.

Yeah, I think this is what we need: we’ve been vulnerable too long to sneaky activists who make movies of chickens and pigs and we need yet another law to discourage them, preferably one with five times the consequences of stealing 100 bottles of beer from a pizza retailer.

We’ll be a much saner society when this one goes through.

1906 Postcard Spencer Iowa bridge over Little Sioux River

Spencer Iowa bridge Little Sioux River Postcard 1906 Brige Over Little Sioux River Spencer Iowa [] – $8.99 : Thingery Shopping, PayPal Spoken Here