Some Of Esther’s Sister’s Rubber Fridge Magnets

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We’ve got quite a dilemma: the Thingery store needs some stuff and we’ve decided to go back into the molded rubber magnet business even though we actually don’t have any.

We decided to pause long enough to write the book on the subject, since it doesn’t appear to have been written, and we want to be a trusted authority, always our favorite role.

The book is pretty much written. We’re not done with the alphabetical index in the back, but it’s around 65 pages, give or take a little, and we hope to offer it soon as a zipped pdf download from our store. In its present form, after the text is nailed down and we’re done proofreading, it doesn’t include “values”.

It also doesn’t include makers’ identification although we mention three, which we thought pretty much took care of everything we’ve ever handled in around 550 eBay sales.

The other day, we got the bright idea to check eBay and bought a handful of similar magnets of the same vintage. Within that little group, we thought we had several new varieties of licensed cartoon characters, and we do, but we also have two more makers than we have previously documented.

So, that suggests we could get all scholarly about this and make an edition of the book (and the database) that includes manufacturers data, and probably price information, maybe even color varieties and dimensions (which we have recorded nowhere).

Maybe there are TWO versions of the ebook-the as-it-is now version, and the later one with the numbers, lists, and grading scheme.

That kind of begs a free version and a pay-for version, which is not a problem, but we still wonder about a cut-off date: we’ve got five of the little things sitting right in front of us that we haven’t included anywhere………..maybe a last-minute additions list?