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In May of 1999, Our Fearless Leader registered at eBay to buy and sell Things there. He had seen the venue when he was at a hotel that had Internet access and he knew he had to be there. He already had one rejection letter from a prestigious west coast auction house who didn't care to consider his job application as an auction lot describer and he wasn't going to let that happen again.

He chose the user name "Saintsteven" (although that is not what it is today) as a reference to a favorite song, St. Stephen" by the Grateful Dead. That song has a line in it that goes "one man gathers what another man spills".

That's what he intended to do at eBay and to many degrees, did do. He extended his storefront inventory to the world through eBay, getting to the point where counter sales at Rainy Day Music were less than Internet sales through Saintsteven. Well, that and the two main lines of stuff we sold became either forbidden or no longer manufactured, there WAS that part.

So in March of 2002 he headed for the Internet, clad in his pajamas, which in his case were a blue bathrobe. To this day, he still has memorabilia from that brick and mortar store, but lots of stuff happened in between and somehow that became "more". Having succeeded at eBay, where we still have a small presence, we launched our site in 2005 when we accidentally sold the house out of which we were working.

We have developed a few niches, all of which are included on the site, not that we won't continue to add others. We employ a couple of significant open source third party templates and keeping those up to date assures our evolution, so we hope you keep checking our progress, and thanks for visiting.

If you need assistance of any kind, we respond rapidly; you can depend upon our hands-on administration daily from noon to midnight central time.

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