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We accept USPS money orders, Paypal, and cash (cash for orders picked up from us). We do not accept direct-deposit electronic transfers (International). More info about payments at This Link

Guarantees And Returns

In the rare event you are not satisfied with your purchase, we accept returns. Please use the Contact Us link to share your concerns and we will issue instructions.

That said, we do reserve the right to say "no" in cases we deem ridiculous.

Handling Time

Domestic (US) and International Handling Time (time it takes to process and mail your order ) is two business days. If circumstances force us to fall short of this service level, we will make every effort to inform you.


Your package may be insured whether or not it has markings on the outside indicating that; in the event of damage, please retain everything you can and notify us right away. We may have requests for your assistance which will not directly affect your reimbursement but may affect ours against the carrier.

Our procedure after we are notified vary somewhat according to insurer (we use two).

There could be reasons that you may wish to own the insurance, and if that is the case, please let us know about that prior to shipping time.

Sales Tax

7% Iowa Sales Tax assessed to Iowa buyers.

Shipping Combinations

Particularly with eBay sales, please feel free to ask for our recalculation of shipping fees when you're placing orders for multiple Things. It is best to ask before making a payment and to wait for our invoice, but we know sometimes you need to complete a transaction quickly, and we refund overpayments, should they occur.


We do not generally issue formal invoices requesting your payment, but are happy to supply them upon request. Your package will contain a packing slip.


Offers are void anywhere if prohibited at that destination.

Tobacco, Pets, Allergies

Our environment includes tobacco, products stored in separate area, no pets.

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