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Thingery Shipping Information

Shipping costs from The Thingery (or one of its disguises) will be realistic: “ and handling ” (nominal) is included in any of our shipping quotes.

For the most part our shipping calculations are based upon USPS calculator results and are generally reliable. Feel free at any time to request review or adjustment if it seems appropriate. Some situations fool the calculators.

Our Midwestern (US) location makes us a uniquely speedy shipper to virtually any U.S. location, just like the Big Boys and we enjoy fast International connections as well (about 30% of our business is International).

We do all of our shipping from the U.S. Post Office (USPS), but can accomodate other preferences through local third-party shipping solutions if necessary.

When problem-solving situations arise, we like to point at our feedback. Those 10,000+ transactions weren't entirely problem-free, but each problem when they arose were resolved to the buyer's satisfaction or our file wouldn't look like it does (no negatives-ever).

We can assure our customers of our continuing daily attention to detail 24/7/365 to maintain that level of satisfaction even when I don't control one of the links in the chain.

We think that's win/win.

We generally indicate our “ domestic handling time ” as three days, although it is USUALLY more like twelve hours; we ship every available shipping day, and shipping is a priority to us.

We prefer to ship small domestic shipments USPS First Class, although we are constrained to use Priority Mail for packages weighing thirteen ounces or more. Typically, we ship sound recordings and books at the Media Rate and usually cannot combine Media with other rate material. We print postage on-site and utilize Carrier Pickup for shipments but in busy seasons and other important times can affect a second mailing per day as necessary by traveling to the Post Office.

WE DON'T NECESSARILY EMPLOY TRACKING on small inexpensive packages; it may be necessary to request that if it's important to you, and in some cases, there may be a small additional charge.

Packaging will be professional, but environmentally responsible. At Saintsteven's, your package will be prepared and posted by the President of the company, except that we don't have titles like that.

We're as Green as we know how to be. You're not going to feel guilty about, or robbed by, the disposable show of marketing extravagance many Big Boys display with the stuff they think we're just going to throw away anyway. The planet will not be dented just to fill your shelf.

We hope these principles indicate the respect your business will receive here. Please don't hesitate with questions if there's anything else.

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